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Зарегистрирован: 07.09.2016
30 руб.

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Покупая товар вы принимаете пользовательское соглашение

Buying this product you receive a licensed account MineCraft Premium.
After payment, you instantly receive a LOGIN:PASSWORD from the account to your mail.

✔ On your account, you can change the nickname and set your own skin.

• Agreement •
• All accounts have a 1-year warranty. If within 1 year there was a problem, write to us and we will solve your problem.
• Account may have a security question (If a security question is asked, we can not respond to it).
• After payment you will receive the LOGIN:PASSWORD of the MineCraft account (license).
• If the account was blocked AFTER payment —> such accounts can not be replaced or refunded. (Cheats, Violation of the rules of the game)
• You are received Account instantly after payment.
✔ Buying a product, you accept this agreement.

https://minecraft.net/download - Install minecraft.

1) If MineCraft is not installed, download and install it.
2) Log in to the MineCraft account.
3) You can download the game and start playing.

If you have any problem, do not rush to write a bad review. Write to us message and we will help you.

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